Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Holly used Clearing when she didn’t get the grades she was expecting

Name: Holly Laing
Age: 19
Address: Billingham

A Level results day last year
Holly missed out on her place at St Andrews University studying for masters in French, Spanish and Arabic.

“I got an A in English, B in English Literature and a C in French and although I knew I had done well, it wasn’t enough to get my original place. I really didn’t know what to do and just started to phone universities but had no luck.

I have never been so stressed about my immediate future! Everyone was posting their results and it had really hit me how I wouldn’t be going to the uni I was originally so set on.”

Next steps
Holly went onto Clearing to see what courses there were available to her and called the Exam Results Helpline for some advice.

“The adviser that I spoke to suggested that I should go and visit some of the unis that I was looking at to see if that would help my decision, which I did before accepting my place at Lancaster University. I have now just finished my first year and I hope to go on and achieve a masters in languages at possibly Oxford or Cambridge.”

How the Exam Results Helpline supported Holly

“If I hadn’t called the Exams Results Helpline I would have cried even more! I might have also missed out on some of the opportunities to study at some unis.”

Holly’s advice to this year’s students:

“Take a deep breath. I would say definitely visit the university that you have an offer for and see if you like it. Wherever you end up, as long as you stay positive and throw yourself into uni life, you will not regret your decision.”

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