Monday, 11 July 2016

Apprentice Case Study: Bradley Norton

Why did you decide to apply for an apprenticeship?
The main reason I applied is that I wanted to carry on my education and I thought that whilst learning in an academic environment offers good knowledge, there are certain things that can only be gained with experience.

Was it the right decision? 
Definitely. The knowledge that I have gained from experience has significantly helped my studies meaning that my grades are likely to be better than they would have been if I had done an academic education alone.

On top of the knowledge the fact that I am able to earn whilst doing these courses has meant that financially I have none of the troubles that some of my friends that have done the solely academic route have. The fact that I can attend university without paying the fees is a huge bonus as well.

What about the apprenticeship appealed to you specifically?
One of the biggest aspects that appealed to me was that I could go onto university without being burdened with debt. Whist I wanted to go to university I doubt I would have if I had to pay the fees myself. Another fact that appealed to me was the ability to earn and learn, this meant that outside of work I could have a life which I would not likely be able to enjoy if I went to university alone.

How long is your apprenticeship?
The apprenticeship is 5 years long in total, 2 years for a HNC and 3 years for the degree.

Have you earned any qualifications from your apprenticeship? If so, how can they help you?
So far I have earned a HNC from my apprenticeship. This should help me progress further in my career and achieve a higher level job role, the ongoing degree will also help me achieve this.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship to your classmates?
That depends on the person. I would certainly recommend it to anybody who is willing to put in the level of work required to achieve the qualifications, however if they are not prepared to do this then it is likely that an apprenticeship is not for them.

What are your plans and ambitions after completing your apprenticeship?
Once I have completed my apprenticeship I hope to continue my progression through my career at the company. Hopefully paying back their investment in my future.

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