Monday, 4 July 2016

Exam Results Helpline: Aneesa Taliv

Name: Aneesa Taliv
Age: 20

A Level results day last year
When Aneesa got her exam results last year she was really happy to have passed her courses in Business, Health & Social Care and Sociology. Aneesa had always planned to take a gap year as she was unsure of what she wanted to do next.

“The application process for uni began when I was in the middle of preparing for my exams and so I just didn’t feel like I had the time to write a personal statement and apply. I decided to take a gap year to weigh up my options and have a think about what I wanted to do.”

Next steps
Aneesa was delighted with her results and so suddenly the option of going to university seemed to be more of an option.

“I felt confused when I got my results. I was really happy with my grades but all of my friends were celebrating that they had got into university and I felt disappointed that I hadn’t applied. I also started to get worried that if I did take a year out I might not get back into education. Then one of my friends suggested to call the Exam Results Helpline to see what my options were.”

How the Exam Results Helpline supported Annesa
The adviser on the phone suggested that Annesa could have a look into Clearing to see what courses and which universities were available to her.

“The adviser was really encouraging and made me realise that I still had a chance of going to uni despite not applying sooner. They talked me through the Clearing process and so I started to see what was on offer to me.”

Next steps
Annesa found a course that she was interested in at her local university and has now finished her first year of her Childhood and Family studies with Education studies degree at Wolverhampton University.

Aneesa’s advice to students getting their results this year:
“You’ve still got a chance to go to university even if you haven’t applied yet. I thought I had missed my chance because I hadn’t applied but actually I managed to get onto a course without having to go through the whole application process, which for me was an easier route in.
Also, make sure that you call the Exam Results Helpline – these lines are set up for you so don’t be afraid to call them. They really helped me.”

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