Thursday, 30 July 2015

See for yourself how the Exam Results Helpline has made a difference

We spoke to some past students that found themselves in these situations after exam results day.

Got the grades but no offers
Tanya found herself in a position she didn’t expect when she got the grades she needed to study Medicine but no offers from any Universities. After speaking to one of our advisers she decided to take a gap year to gain some work experience.

See Tanya’s story here:

Don’t panic and considering Clearing
Ollie didn’t get the grades he was expecting and panicked until he spoke to one of our advisers who talked him through the options and guided him through the Clearing process:

See Ollie’s story here:

Change of heart
Tryfan got the grades to study Drama but decided he wanted to change his course to Music. Our expert Careers Adviser talked him through how to use Clearing to apply for a different course:

See Tryfan’s story here:

Different direction
Rohan didn’t get the grades he needed to study Medicine and was really disappointed so he called the Exam Results Helpline. After discussing all of his options, Rohan decided to take a different route and study Engineering.

See Rohan’s story here: