Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Making the grade

Sarah dreamt of being a Vet and so there was a lot riding on results day but she didn’t get the grades she needed to study Veterinary Science at University. However, she still got her place at University, here’s her story…

“I looked up my results at 7am and I was in an absolute mess. All of my shortlist of Universities had rejected me apart from Liverpool and I couldn’t contact them because they weren’t open that early. I was crying for a solid hour being consoled by my parents.

Unfortunately at this stage I thought I had failed until I received an email from UCAS confirming my place at Liverpool. I couldn’t believe it and words cannot describe how I felt.”

Sarah called the Exam Results Helpline to get some advice and guidance about what to do as she was convinced it was a mistake because she knew she hadn’t received the required results to get in.

She said: “The lovely lady who answered checked and checked and checked again because I made her!  She was so friendly and congratulated me. We had a brief conversation and she made me feel totally at ease. I was in floods of tears all over again but this time they were tears of joy!”

Sarah has now completed her first year at the University of Liverpool and she is thoroughly enjoying it.

“University is everything I hoped it would be and more. After all the stress last year, I am so relieved it all worked out OK in the end. I have met loads of new people and the University is such a great place to be!”

How did speaking to a professional careers adviser at the Exam Results Helpline help Sarah?

“The helpline was open earlier than the Universities and had it not been there I would have had longer in turmoil that’s for sure!”

Sarah’s advice for students receiving unexpected exam results this year

“Don’t panic if you don't get the right grades.  I know that is easier said than done but do definitely phone the helpline.  The lady who answered my call was so patient with my demands on checking and also my broken sentences due to the tears!  She understood my situation and I felt as if she really cared.”

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