Tuesday, 9 August 2016

KISS FM presenter Pandora Christie supports Exam Results Helpline

We’re so happy that KISS FM presenter Pandora Christie is supporting the Exam Results Helpline this year.

Pandora wants to make sure that young people know about the service:

“Getting exam results is a nerve racking time. When I did my exams, there were subjects that I loved like English Language, Drama, History and Spanish so I enjoyed studying for them. But I really struggled with Maths and Science for some reason, I just couldn’t get my head around it even with extra tuition, I remember sitting in the exam room sweating and dreading it, looking at my physics paper thinking I don’t understand any of this can someone help?

When I got my results I found that I did well in most subjects... apart from maths and science which I got a D for. After my GCSEs I went straight into employment and signed up to a casting agency but I later went on to do an AS in Spanish.

I thought about going to university to do a drama degree but I started to get a lot of acting jobs so I never got round to applying. It’s funny the way that things work out and that’s why you shouldn’t despair or panic when you get your exam results!

When it’s time to get your exam results first of all don’t panic! The advisers at the Exam Results Helpline will be ready and waiting to give you the advice you need.”


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